Charter Information



We want to ensure a safe environment and fun fishing experience for all levels, from novice to expert anglers.

No illegal drug of any kind will be tolerated. Beer and wine in moderation is acceptable.
(no hard liquor please)

Any Reckless behavior on vessel that causes danger or damage to captain, crew, vessel or guest will abort charter and will return to port without refund.

The Captain reserves the right to cancel any trip due to inclement weather. Trips canceled by the Captain will be rescheduled on a mutually convenient date. If none is available, deposits will be carried to the following season.

Teachers Pet operates under the Coast Guard zero tolerance policy regarding illegal substances. No illegal substances are permitted. Any Violation will result in the termination of the charter. If any passenger becomes intoxicated (as determined by the Captain) the boat will return to port with the full amount of the trip being charged.
Teachers Pet has the licenses necessary for you to fish in New Jersey , New York and offshore Waters. Therefore, no one fishing aboard Teachers Pet will need to have an individual licenses.

What to bring:

Sunglasses – Sunscreen – Camera – Sea sickness pills – Cooler to bring home your catch (to be left in your vehicle until the end of the trip) – Food and beverages (Alcohol in moderation. No hard liquor) – Rain gear – Sneakers or deck shoes, no hard sole shoes

No illegal drugs. No firearms!

Over 20 years in the charter boat business, fishing from the same slip for those 20 years and the same waters. Over the years we have a proven record of catching fish.

We will travel to find the fish and we have the speed to do it
The comfort of a 38 foot, wide beam, large cockpit, sport fish.

The ability to get out of the rain, cold and summertime heat.

The safety of diesel engines

Full size private bathroom, no pee buckets here.

A mate and working captain to keep the action going, you are not taking us fishing we are taking you fishing. Our mates take care of you, they don’t fish. They are too busy taking care of you!

Speed, with our 27 knot speed we spend more time fishing and less time traveling. This is important when we are going long distances for the big fish. This can relate to hours of fishing compared to other boats.

Our bait is only the best available, we get our bait daily and recognize that fresh bait makes all the difference.

People always ask why is this other charter boat 100.00 less expensive? The answer is quite simple. He is much smaller, can only handle 4 people comfortably which relates to a small cockpit. He does not take a mate. He uses any bait he can get his hands on. He travels to fishing spots at 12 knots. He will not run more than 5 miles to find the fish. If I did all these I could be 100.00 cheaper also but we certainly would not bring home the catches we do. Give us a try you will not be disappointed.